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Could you be an online casino VIP? Only if you choose a VIP casino!

online casinoIf you are in the fortunate position of being able to spend a considerable sum each month on your online gaming sessions, then isn’t it about time you were treated like a valued customer by the same online operators who you are supporting each month?

Everyone knows that when the big players hit the casino’s of Las Vegas, Atlantic City or similar, that the big casinos will pull out all the stops to attract them through the doors. Incentives such as free luxury rooms and transport, free meals and show tickets, not to mention access to some of the more salubrious gaming areas of the casino are all used to tempt high rollers to spend their large chunks of cash in the casino.

Yet, unless you are aware of the program of a vip casino, it is entirely possible for an online high roller to spend a large sum of cash and not get any preferential treatment as a reward for their loyalty. That isn’t right and it is precisely this inequality that the Casino Rewards Group was formed to put right, and that’s why we want to introduce this great program to you here.

What is particularly useful about this program is that it covers all the casinos that are members of the Casino Rewards Network, not just a single casino. This means that even if you spend your cash at different casinos, then for every $10 you spend at a Casino Rewards Network casino, you will earn 1 VIP point in your account.

Another nice feature is the possibility to refer your friends to the network, which will earn you further VIP points as they play, as well as anyone they refer! So if you know anyone who plays a lot, you should definitely take advantage of this, especially if you are around in high roller societies….

It is this flexibility which will certainly appeal to the serious gambler. There are many different reasons as to why users may wish to use another site; this can be to try and change a streak of poor fortune at one casino, or to take advantage of a promotional offer at another or just to try out a game that is on offer in one casino that isn’t on offer at another. With so many casinos in the Casino Rewards Network, it is easy to have multiple casino accounts all contributing to your one VIP casino reward account each time you play.

Joining the Casino Rewards Program is done automatically when you join a casino that is a member of the network. Membership is completely free and every time you play, you earn points towards your VIP account.

You are also free to take advantage of any of the weekly or monthly promotions being run by any of the networked casinos, to maximise the amount of VIP points you receive into your account and there are no penalties for accessing and using multiple offers at any time.

Casino Rewards also offers their very own lottery, “Rewards Riches”, with different jackpots of bonus:

The points users earn can then be converted into credits at any of the casinos part of the Casino Rewards Network.

One of the most appealing, but little-known aspects of this program is that once you reach a certain VIP status within the program (the criteria is top secret!),you are allocated your personal VIP host who will help you get the most from your online casino gaming, and you also gain access to special VIP-only newsletters and promotions all over the year!

There are many reward systems out there, but this is one of the few programs that offers an award service that includes a vast number of different casinos. Additionally, the flexibility the Casino Rewards Program offers, combined with the range of offers, ease of use and of course the rewards on offer mean it is very worthwhile considering, especially for high rollers.

Check out the latest vip casino addition to the CasinoRewards portfolio, Luxury Casino!

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