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What limitations do I face playing mobile casino games on my handheld device?

The popularity of the smartphone and other handheld devices, such as tablets, have meant that how we connect to the Internet to conduct our social life, interact with others and spend our leisure time has changed. Our smartphones have enabled us to be connected to the digital world wherever we travel and as such, whole new industries based around this technology have been created including companies who make and develop mobile casino games.

In the past, mobile casino games tended to be cut-down versions of a bigger and better online game. The problems with using so much memory on a handset, playing wirelessly often over unreliable connections meant that the early game developers wanted simpler, easier games that, as a result, did not feature all the bells and whistles of their online version.

Nowadays though, it is very different. Vast improvements in mobile technology over the last five years or so mean that dedicated mobile sites of top quality casinos, such as now offer everything that their dedicated website offers, just formatted and adapted to fit easily onto the smaller screen of a handset or tablet.

Now when you load up a site to play some mobile casino games, you don’t have to compromise on anything. Playing via your handset is as enjoyable and addictive (and occasionally profitable!) as playing on your laptop or PC. The only limitations you face are based around how much time and money you can afford to spend playing.

Money though is not necessarily a big issue, with many sites offering special bonuses for new customers if they sign up with their casino with companies like Casino Action offering a £100 free 100% Match Bonus for new customers signing up via their mobile device!

So, nowadays, there are no limitations on your gaming when opting to play by mobile, you get the same games, the same superb service and the same top quality casinos to choose from whether you are playing on laptop, pc or any mobile device.

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