Top Online Casinos for Slots

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of online casinos. In fact, there are over 100 regulated online casinos in just the United Kingdom alone. The real question is which of these casinos is great for online slots. You could read many online casino reviews or you could just read the list below.

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The Golden Tiger Casino has prized itself as an exceptional online casino and has won over 9 industry awards within a decade. People trust Golden Tiger Casino to offer not only a premier gambling experience but also a safe online experience. Offering new players $1500 of starting money, it is not hard to see why slot lovers like playing here.

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UK Casino Club is a premier online casino based in the United Kingdom. With numerous slot variations, there is literally something for everyone. One very attractive aspect of this online casino is the fact that its software is Mac compatible. This allows all you Mac gamblers to enjoy high quality gambling at home without any glitches.

You will read in many online casino reviews that UK Casino Club offers new players 5 free sign up bonuses. Interestingly, the fact is true. UK Casino Club offers its new players with 5 different sign up bonuses that add up to $700. This fact is even better due to the face that this money has been given to you free just because you made a few deposits.

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Vegas Slot Casino is one of the top casinos for online slots. If you read online casino reviews, you would have surely seen its name in many of them. Vegas Slot Casino is famous for both its classical and modern slot games. Both these variants offer a high return percentage; an enticing fact for many slot lovers.

Furthermore, the casino offers progressive jackpots to its gamblers. In fact, it has over 16 progressive jackpots ready to make any of its customers an instant millionaire.

They offer a high rate of return, numerous slot variants and award winning services and customer support. For further information, you can read or watch a few online casino reviews. A smarter idea though, would be to go to the websites and experience the excitement firsthand. With so much to offer its gamblers from reliability to huge payouts, the above three sites are the top casinos for online slots.

Best Online Casinos

Luxury Casino $1000BONUS
Vegas Slot Casino $700BONUS
Captain Cooks Casino $500BONUS