Winning at Slot Machines

Despite popular belief, there are some strategies available that can help a player win at slot machines. It’s true that machines have certain payout rates, and casinos love them since they bring in tons of prospective players. Even knowing such information, players can do a few simple things to help ensure that they come out ahead.


Set A Limit

Know when to stop. Don’t let an ego or pride get in the way of ending your game while you are ahead. If you are at a slot machine, you can choose a number of spins or set a dollar amount. Once you hit that mark, start looking for a new machine. The same goes for your gambling trip as a whole. If you are only going to spend $100, once you lose all $100, you are finished. Have fun, but stick to your limit.


Play Non-Progressive Machines

Progressive machines have more reels and symbols that means the probability of a winning combination coming up is a lot less than other non-progressive machines. Those massive jackpots on some of these machines have to come from somewhere, and they will come from you if you allow it. It’s still fun to play a progressive machine, but your chances of winning are higher on non-progressive versions.


Find Loose Machines

Loose machines tend to payout more often. Casinos will strategically place these machines so as to generate the most profits. Locations near the cashiers and change booths are hot spots for loose machines. Casinos, and players, want to see winners immediately, and having these machines nearby helps meet that goal. These machines are also usually placed near things like coffee shops, cafes, and snack bars. Anywhere people can be seen winning is a great place for one of these loose machines.


Play Online Slots

Instead of heading to the casino, try your luck at online slot machines. Just like in the casino, there are numerous choices and several different games to play. Select one that looks like you would enjoy it. The games will keep you involved and many utilize scatters, which can enhance a player’s chance at winning. Scatters can also trigger things like test spins and bonus games for even more extended play.

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